Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Adoption Awareness Month

In honor of November being Adoption Awareness Month I offer the 'birth story' of the little man who brought the blessing of adoption to our home and changed my world forever:

The Day You Were Born

In the earthen quiet of the tokule

God looked down in anticipation


His beautiful creation


Knit together

Every hair known

Every day ordained



The quiet broken

By the sound of effort

And then a cry


As air filled your lungs

For the first time

And heaven cheered

Trumpets and dancing


Thanks and praises

For fingers


Dignified chin raised to the sky

Beautiful son of Sidama


Heavenly Father


Then furrows His brow

Knowing you will journey so young

Knowing He made you ready

Gave you the gifts you would need

Strong spirit

  Sensitive heart

    Keen mind

And set a guard over your life


First father sees your spirit

Names you Asregidew

First mother

A quiet gasp of love



Snuggles you close

To sleep your first sleep

The day you were born

Across the stars

A tugging in my heart

For a child

A spiritual seed


And growing

A course set


Towards each other

Through the brokenness of this world

To a birth of love

A second chance

A fusing of hearts

An introduction of souls

A grafting of the tree

By the master gardener

The healing touch

Of the great physician


Thanks and praises

For a son.

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