Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The 5th of July

The 4th of July was awesome. We drove a few hours to visit some friends and enjoy the hospitality of their wonderful parents. There were kiddie pools, hot dogs, Big Wheels, a horse, a barn with a hayloft, and lots of hungry cows. Mister took up his farm muscles and dutifully moved hay by pitchfork to the eating trough in flip-flops and a swim trunks. He was in little boy heaven all day. So was his baby sister, who climbed up and over the fence and starting running barefoot across the pasture towards a bull. Her dad had to make quick to fetch her from an untimely end.

The general bliss of the day was made extra sweet by the really nice friends of our friends. Kids kept piling out of minivans and SUVs until there were thirteen total little people running in, and out of, and around the house. Thirteen little people, all of whom were really, really kind and who had considerately spaced their births so as to compliment to ages of our children. I did a lot of staring and taking notes. They had those special mamas who always seem at ease and speak sweetly to their children. The mamas would say things like, “Choose grace children.” And the children would say things like, “Would you like half?” and “Come on over, we can make room.” I was so taken aback by all that good behavior that I thought about starting today with a New Year’s resolution, then realized I had confused my staying-up-way-too-late holidays. So there was no resolution, but I have tried a few deep breaths and extra smiles today. I won’t give a report for fear of a jinx.

The 4th of July was amazing. And every 4th of July deserves a 5th of July where overly sugared children run amok in the basement semi-supervised while Mama rides the stationary bike. That is what we did this morning. The 5th of July began with three children in the basement but semi-supervision turned those children into Ninja Cats (one with copious amounts of hand soap in her hair).

The 4th of July was perfect - downright magical. The 5th of July ain’t bad either.

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