Saturday, November 5, 2011

Dear Baby

In celebration of news that a friend is becoming a Mom, the kids compiled this list of things babies should know. The list is in order of suggestion, with the first coming from my sweet baby boy, who does (I think) know a thing or two about getting to know parents.

Dear Baby,

Here are some things you should know about your parents and this life:

1. Let them carry you.
2. They snuggle you.
3. If you fall down the stairs, they can catch you.
4. If you are scared, you can tell them.
5. Don’t whine and cry and jump out of your crib when you are too big for a
6. Parents can help you reach stuff.
7. Parents are fun.
8. They can help you when you have an owie.
9. If you don’t listen to your parents you can get into a lot of mischief.
10. If you get a bump on your face, you have to let them squeeze it.
11. Mommies say, “Its okay, Baby.”
12. They can take you back to the sidewalk if you run in the street.
13. Parents will make things for you.
14. Don’t wake your parents up.
15. Don’t try to climb on top of the table and fly off it or pull things off of
your parent’s computer.
16. You should hug your parents.
17. Your parents will sing to you if you ask.
18. Don’t wipe yourself if it’s a messy poop.
19. Kiss your parents.
20. Listen to do them and do what seems right.
21. If you go to the beach, you might want to know, “Don’t eat the sand!”
22. You can sink.
23. Don’t be scared because there are lots of nice people here.

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