Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nice to Meet You

Sis had a birthday this weekend. She and I frosted cupcakes Friday afternoon and I told her again how happy I am that she was born. “I am happy I was born, too.’ She said. “And one of the best things about being born was getting to meet you.”
My heart smiled deep and wide. It was a sweet thing to say. It was also quintessentially her. This little miss came from the womb fancying herself an individual. And as such, she has been making plans (since birth, I think) about moving away: when she was two weeks old I couldn’t find her because she had wiggled herself out of sight under the coffee table. At two years old we had to promise to carry her to the sea when she turned into a mermaid. And the other day she asked me with a straight face if she could take a book she is fond of when she moves out. I said yes. So, I am so glad she is glad that she got the chance to meet me. And I am also so glad that I got the chance to meet her back. She is smart and silly, earnest and caring, a tornado of creativity and a really good friend. She may not think she needs me, but I know the big wide world needs her and I am thankful to be her mom.
Proverbs 31: “Her arms are strong for the task, she can laugh at all the days to come.”

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