Sunday, June 17, 2012

In Celebration of Dads

In celebration of men who - by biology, adoption, or circumstance - choose to love bravely and find themselves Fathers . . .

A few things we like about Dad:

I love playing with him
We play Tic-Tac-Toe
I like eating with my Daddy
He makes crepes with yogurt inside
I like his sunglasses
He likes to go bear hunting, remember the Bear Hunt book?
We put on our bathing suits on the trampoline and he sprays us with the water hose

I love that my Daddy is strong
I love that he lets me have more of his cookie that he ate
The other thing I like about Daddy is that he holds the slide while we slide
I love about Daddy is that he found a great place to drive the remote control car
I love about Daddy that he helps me build a Lego car

I love you because you are the best Dad in the world
I love it when you take us to the Skate Park
It was super fun when you took us to the pool
I love you a lot because you are always rubbing my back
You make the best crepes ever
I like it when you read Little House on the Prairie

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