Monday, July 16, 2012

Top Five

Sis and I are back from two weeks in Bocono, Venezuela. Numbed by travel weariness, I don’t yet have anything significant to say about our time there, and so begin the process of processing the trip with its least spiritual victory: Sis won a dance contest.

She and I went with some of our new friends to a kid event where she was plucked from the crowd, along with two dozen other little girls, by the clown emcee. She looked horrified, and I was horrified for her. Neither of us knew what the contest was about and I watched her in the middle of the line of little ladies, eyes darting left and right, looking for clues as to what she would be asked to do. The song started and the kids on her left and right transformed into music video backup dancers. Sis just kind of stood there twitching and I started praying that she would loose in the first round.

But the friends we were with cheered and she made cut after cut, gaining confidence, shaking her buns, flailing around. In the end she made the top five and was awarded this hat, which our friend Patti said she has seen in the Oriental Trading Company catalog – twenty-five for a dollar.

Its not every day you go to Venezuela and win a dog hat. Good thing I got that kid a passport.

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  1. Ok, I exaggerated. I checked out Oriental Trading and those hats are not 25 for a dollar; they are actually a dozen for $6.95. Rare treasures, indeed.