Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Kenny Dewitt

This morning I was brainstorming with some friends about an upcoming event. Ideas were being traded around the room and I was in the event-planning zone. As we stood to go, someone summarized. “I think this and that will work great. My only concern is, can he do it?”

“Kenny Dewitt,” I thought. “Who is that? I don’t remember hearing that name. Is he a person of importance? Will he complain? Why are we concerned about what he thinks?” I thank the fates I didn’t share my confusion and after an embarrassing amount of time passed, I realized my error. Then I wanted to giggle, but that would have involved exposing my ignorance and simplistic sense of humor. So I kept to myself.

Throughout the day I kept coming back to Kenny. And his important theological question. The question that rests at the heart of believers and skeptics alike. Can He do it? Is God big enough? Is he able? When we look around do we see evidence of his hand or we inclined to be embarrassed on his behalf that he over promised and under delivered? Then again, is looking around good practice? Can we see, truly see, with our eyes enough of the cosmic landscape to seat ourselves at judge? These are important questions. Ones that have preoccupied thinkers throughout the ages.

So I do not attempt to answer. But only to say, as I have learned from a friend who is walking a hard road, “God is good.” And he can be trusted.

“You are good, and what you do is good; teach me your decrees.” Psalm 119:68


  1. How do you make something from seemingly nothing? You're fabulous. I'd have laughed at myself and went on with the day. But you ponder and tie and interpret. Love it.

    And I need to know one of your secrets. How do you come up with the verses you tie to your posts? From your vast memory? From a concordance? An online option? Just curious.

  2. You are so right! God is good, and faithful--just like you friend! I love your blog!