Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jesus for Breakfast

It is sunny today. I managed to swing my legs out of bed and into my tennis shoes and snuck out the door leaving the baby and her dad playing kissy face in an otherwise sleeping house. Birds were chirping. All was bright blue and green. I started shuffling down the trail and thanked God for the chance to give him the firstfruits of the day. But talk of firstfruits made me think of breakfast and I spent the next two miles dreaming about what I would like to eat when I got home. It was not an exercise in reality as our fridge is in need of re-supply, faithfully cooling not much more than two dozen eggs, a block of cheese and a gallon of milk.

And since I am prone to sacrilege, I starting wondering what breakfast food best represent Christ himself. Is he Cheerios with skim milk? Clear brand recognition. A favorite with the kids. Sensibly healthy. Approved by the National Heart Association. Or maybe he is granola with yogurt. Lots of interesting little fibrous twigs, nuts and berries sprinkled over spoonfuls of the good kind of bacteria. I was secretly hoping he could be a ham and egg bagel with cheese. It’s hard to make a case for Christ as white bread and cholesterol. But the psalmists did describe God as hearty and satisfying. Then there is the whole category of super foods. Avocados: good fats and omega-everything to keep the gears of my mind oiled and moving and ward off belly fat.

In the end, I could not decide. But I do know that God asks for our firstfruits, not because his fridge is empty but because it is good for us. Like breakfast. When we meet him early and bring our best we are rewarded with loaves and fishes that magically last the whole day. With leftovers.

“Bring the best of the firstfruits of your soil to the house of the Lord your God.” Exodus 34:26

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